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Shadow boxing workout app for iOS Shadow Boxing App

Practice boxing anywhere without gear.

Pick from many workouts

from HIIT to freestyle

Pick from various boxing workouts

Follow audio cues

just like doing virtual pad work

Virtual padwork app calling out punches

Entirely customizable

set the exercises, the intensity...

Customize your boxing workouts with this app

You can pick from a lot of boxing exercises and workouts to train at home. For instance you can grab your heavy bag and follow along workouts that will alternate quick 1-2s with strong and heavy punches. You can also just do some freestyle with the app only giving you guidance and ideas. If you like more guidance, you can just follow along as the app calls out punches!

Boxing exercises: Freestyle Freestyle lets you do your own thing with an audio coach giving you directions
Boxing exercises: Pad Work Pad Work will give you simple combos to execute when called out by the app.
Boxing exercises: Push-ups Push-ups is a simple but effective exercise to build strength.
Boxing exercises: Jump Rope Jump Rope lets you practice your boxer skip and is a great way to boost your cardio.
Boxing exercises: Repetitions Repetitions gives you one combo to practice for an entire round.
Boxing exercises: Punching Bag Punching Bag alternates non-stop fast punches and powerful combos to build explosiveness.
Boxing exercises: Active recovery Active recovery allows you to slow down while throwing simple punches with defensive movements.
Boxing exercises: Rest Rest is what it sounds like... you actually get to rest!
Boxing exercises: Dodge Dodge focuses on reaction speed, slipping and countering with simple punches.
Boxing exercises: Tutorial Tutorial to learn about the app and boxing. It's accessible via the workout tab.
Boxing exercises: Round timer Round timer is a simple way to keep track of your sparring sessions. It's accessible in the app's tabs.
Boxing exercises: Squats Squats are a great way to strengthen your lower body and build explosiveness.
Boxing exercises: Defense Defense exercises focus on combinations including defensive movements.
Boxing exercises: Footwork Footwork exercises focus on combinations including defensive movements.
Boxing exercises: ... and more ... and more We are adding new exercises and workout regularly

Mirror mode

record yourself boxing & improve

Record yourself boxing

Free round timer

efficient and without ads

Free boxing round timer without ads


track trainings, stay motivated

Track your statistics with this boxing app

Box for 6 rounds of 3 minutes with a coach giving you audio directions.


High intensity training to build explosive power & increase stamina


Simple combos to execute when called as well as some freestyle


Warm up and get ready for 25 minutes of non-stop action


Work on the bag with various exercises & some freestyle


Quickly alternate between shadow boxing freestyle and pushups


Work on dodging incoming attacks and countering


Follow commands and get your heart pumping even without much time.


30 minutes workout with simple jumprope exercices


Focus on reaction speed. It's simple, just don't get hit!


Quickly go through a lot of different exercises

See more boxing workouts or try them out by downloading this shadow boxing training app for iPhone
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