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Support & Contact

We do everything we can to make your experience using the app smooth, fun and effective. However if you are seeing problems with the app or if you have feedback about it, we want to to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.


If you encounter any issue, you can contact us via and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Basic How To

Before starting, please pay attention to your health, otherwise you risk being injured. In doubt, please seek medical advice and stop at any physical signs that are out of the ordinary. If you use any equipment, make sure that it is in a good state as using faulty equipment could lead to injury. Pick workouts and exercises adapted to your health, and do not overexercise yourself.

Use the application at your own risk, as it will not be held responsible for any injury.

Defining a Workout

You can either use an existing training or define your own. Every workout has multiple parameters, such as:

  • Round length
  • Rest length
  • Intensity
  • Usage of jump rope

To use a predefined workout, you can pick it on the “Workouts” tab. It will then show you the options picked.

If you want to build your own session, select the “custom workout” at the bottom of the “Workout” tab. Then pick the options fitting you and hit start.


We are assuming that you know how to box and follow the commonly accepted way to callout techniques. If you are unsure about them, you can see them in the “Punches” tab.