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Boxing Fundamentals

The Importance of Heavy Bag Training

Training on the heavy bag is a key part of a boxer's routine and has many benefits... and practicing with an app makes it way more engaging and fun.

10 Benefits of Boxing Training You May Not Know About

Boxing is a great way to get in shape and improve your fitness. Here are ten benefits of boxing training that you may not know about.

Boxing Training: The Ultimate HIIT Workout

Get in shape with boxing training. This article discusses the benefits of boxing and provides a sample routine to help you get started.

Boxing Mobile Apps

Boxing App Reviews

Trusted reviews from real users is very importatnt when picking an app. We're happy to share are our most recent ones straight from Apple's App Store.

Finding a free boxing workout app

Training at home with a mobile app sounds like a great plan, but what if you don't want to pay for a subscription?

Alternatives to Fightcamp - Boxing Apps

The FightCamp app is great with its connected hardware, but it can get expensive. What else could work as an alternative solution?

New Features in the Shadow Boxing App

Learning complex boxing combos with an app

In this new version we've added a new exercise that will help you learn new combos more easily.

New boxing exercices: single punches & flurry of punches

In this new version of our boxing iOS app, you will be able to practice your explosiveness with two new exercices and one new workout

Boxing combos that flow well

Examples of combos that just feel right and how they are included in the new version of the app.

Heavy Bag for Boxing

Best Heavy Bags for Boxing at Home

Discover our selection of heavy bag to punch at and get a great technical and cardio training.

Best iOS apps for training on the heavy bag

Discover the top heavybag apps to train at home, including Fightcamp, Punchlab, The Shadow Boxing App or Heavybag Pro.

Why use a punching bag for boxing

Training with a heavy bag has a lot of benefits for all boxers. It helps with improving technique, strength and endurance.

Learn Boxing with an App

Reasons to use an app to complement your boxing training

You already started practicing boxing, but you want to progress even faster... keep reading!

Learning to box with an app

Is it possible to learn how to box from home, purely with a mobile app on iOS or Android?

Best gloves to get for shadow boxing

Discover our selection of boxing gloves to train at home and prepare for sparring.