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Boxing Mobile Apps

There are many options out there to practice boxing, from going to the gym to using a mobile app on your phone. Here are some of the options out there to have great boxing workouts from your mobile device.

Finding a free boxing workout app

Training at home with a mobile app sounds like a great plan, but what if you don't want to pay for a subscription?

Alternatives to Fightcamp - Boxing Apps

The FightCamp app is great with its connected hardware, but it can get expensive. What else could work as an alternative solution?

Top 5 Reasons to Practice Boxing With an App

There are many reasons why one would prefer to box with a mobile app instead of at a gym!

Why our app has a free boxing timer

We built a free boxing timer without ads because it was really annoying to find a good one already on the app store!

Top 5 Best Boxing Apps in 2022

Training at home is bigger than ever, so here is our list of the best boxing mobile apps. While they won't be as good as a real life coach, you can accomplish much with them.

Top 5 Boxing Apps in 2021

With the gyms closed, a lot of boxers decided to keep training using apps. While they'll never be as good as a trainer, these boxing apps will provide you with a good workout and keep you motivated. Here are our favorites.

Youtube review of the shadow boxing app

Want to discover how the app work with a Youtube video? I have good news for you, Armo Mema fitness just released his review and workout with the app

The best iOS boxing apps to train in November 2020

There are many boxing apps for mobile phones available, either to get your news or train at home. We've built a selection of the best we found for the end of 2020 so you can keep on exercising during lockdown.

Top boxing round timer apps for iOS

During sparring or training, it's important to keep track of time and manage your energy. There are many mobile apps offering round timers, in this article we'll showcase some that can work for boxing.