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Alternatives to Fightcamp - Boxing Apps

The FightCamp app is great, but let’s face it: their site have a “financing” section visible directly when you load it. This means it is not for everyone, and you might be looking for an alternative.

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Boxing app Timer Plus

It's important to have the right timer when training, and this one is a great option with clear visual and additional features. It works well for HIIT or Tabata workouts

Download Timer Plus here

  • Huge display you can see from afar
  • Compatible with Tabata & HIIT
  • Small bug where the timer stops for no reason
Screenshots of Timer Plus
Boxing app Shadow Boxing Workout

The perfect app to train at home, with a lot of different exercises to pick from, from pad work to dodging drills. It also works well with an heavy bag if you have one.

Download Shadow Boxing Workout here

  • Many different exercises
  • Customizable
  • Free round timer included
  • Compatible with a punching bag
  • Not enough bodyweight exercise options
Screenshots of Shadow Boxing Workout
Boxing app Train like a boxer

Various dynamic exercises for boxers to get in shape. You'll sweat a lot using this app, and they provide different challenges to stay motivated

Download Train like a boxer here

  • Good for conditioning
  • Not enough boxing technique
  • No real boxing exercises
Screenshots of Train like a boxer
Boxing app Precision Striking

This app allows you to train at home with 27 different combos that are going to be called out by the app.

Download Precision Striking here

  • Good combo variety
  • Videos from the associated youtube channel
  • Poor design
  • Many bugs
  • Hasn't been updated in a while
Screenshots of Precision Striking