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The best iOS boxing apps to train in November 2020

There are many boxing apps for mobile phones available, either to get your news or train at home. We’ve built a selection of the best we found for the end of 2020 so you can keep on exercising during lockdown.

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Boxing app Mayweather Boxing

The application, the effect of which you will feel immediately on yourself! That’s because it was developed by top experts in fitness and boxing.cation, the effect of which you will feel immediately on yourself! That’s because it was developed by top experts in fitness and boxing.

Download Mayweather Boxing here

  • Great visuals
  • The expertise of Floyd Mayweather
  • Very expensive
  • Sometime not technical enough
Screenshots of Mayweather Boxing
Boxing app Timer Plus

It's important to have the right timer when training, and this one is a great option with clear visual and additional features. It works well for HIIT or Tabata workouts

Download Timer Plus here

  • Huge display you can see from afar
  • Compatible with Tabata & HIIT
  • Small bug where the timer stops for no reason
Screenshots of Timer Plus
Boxing app Crossrope

While this is not exactly a boxing app, this is the best jump rope app out there. It gives a lot of different exercises that will complement perfectly your boxing training.

Download Crossrope here

  • Lots of different trainings
  • Beautiful and simple design
  • Nice videos to accompany you during training
  • Not focused on boxing
Screenshots of Crossrope
Boxing app Shadow Boxing Workout

The perfect app to train at home, with a lot of different exercises to pick from, from pad work to dodging drills. It also works well with an heavy bag if you have one.

Download Shadow Boxing Workout here

  • Many different exercises
  • Customizable
  • Free round timer included
  • Compatible with a punching bag
  • Not enough bodyweight exercise options
Screenshots of Shadow Boxing Workout
Boxing app Train like a boxer

Various dynamic exercises for boxers to get in shape. You'll sweat a lot using this app, and they provide different challenges to stay motivated

Download Train like a boxer here

  • Good for conditioning
  • Not enough boxing technique
  • No real boxing exercises
Screenshots of Train like a boxer
Boxing app Nike Training Club

This app by Nike is not focused on boxing but provides many exercises, including jump rope to improve your body, which helps with your fighting.

Download Nike Training Club here

  • Many in depth workouts
  • Works for people of all levels
  • Various content, including some about nutrition
  • No real boxing exercises
Screenshots of Nike Training Club