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Best iOS apps for training on the heavy bag

There are many reasons to practice boxing with an app on either iOS or Android, and there are a lot of generalist boxing mobile apps out there… but what if you want to specifically find an app to workout with your punching bag or heavy bag?

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Boxing app Fightcamp

This premium app offers many different high quality videos to practice boxing in front of your bag.

Download Fightcamp here

  • Good videos to follow allong
  • Tracking punches can be very motivating
  • Very expensive tracker to buy
Screenshots of Fightcamp
Boxing app The Shadow Boxing App

This app will call out punches and exercises when you're in front of the bag. It has many workouts made especially for the heavy bag, and all shadow boxing exercises are compatible with a bag.

Download The Shadow Boxing App here

  • Many modes and workouts compatible with a bag
  • Exercises that focus on technique or on cardio
  • Workouts made to be completed on the bag
  • Not compatible with Apple Watch
Screenshots of The Shadow Boxing App
Boxing app Punchlab

This app gives you different workouts that you can do while shadow boxing or on the heavy bag.

Download Punchlab here

  • Good english voiceover during the trainings
  • Full plans including many different workouts
  • Subscription is expensive
  • Straps to buy to attach yo your punching bag
  • Can't use without creating an account
Screenshots of Punchlab
Boxing app Precision Striking

This app allows you to train at home with 27 different combos that are going to be called out by the app.

Download Precision Striking here

  • Good combo variety
  • Videos from the associated youtube channel
  • Poor design
  • Many bugs
  • Hasn't been updated in a while
Screenshots of Precision Striking
Boxing app Heavybag Pro

This app focused on the heavybag exclusively and will call out punches

Download Heavybag Pro here

  • Effective combos & directions
  • Basic 3D videos to showcase the movements
  • 3D videos can be a bit out of sync
  • Only combos and not many other boxing exercises
  • Expensive subscription, and lifetime purchase at 129.99€ at the time of writing
Screenshots of Heavybag Pro