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Top 5 Best Boxing Apps in 2022

2021 was full of great boxing matches so a lot more people are getting inspired and want to start boxing. The best way to do this is to start going to a gym to learn the basics and give sparring a go. However if you don’t have a boxing gym nearby, if it is closed due to covid or if you want to work even more using an app to work out can be a great idea! There are many apps out there with widely different level of quality, so we built this list to help you decide which one is good for you.

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Boxing app Fightcamp

This app provides high quality video trainings for all levels. It uses their proprieritary punch tracker hardware to keep count of how many punches you've thrown.

Download Fightcamp here

  • High quality video
  • Tracking punches is great to stay motivated
  • Sleek design
  • Expensive tracker to buy
Screenshots of Fightcamp
Boxing app Timer Plus

It's important to have the right timer when training, and this one is a great option with clear visual and additional features. It works well for HIIT or Tabata workouts

Download Timer Plus here

  • Huge display you can see from afar
  • Compatible with Tabata & HIIT
  • Small bug where the timer stops for no reason
Screenshots of Timer Plus
Boxing app Shadow Boxing Workout

This is the perfect app to train at home. It really behaves like a virtual boxing coach that will call out punches, combinations and movements to build a great workout session. It is made for boxing, so everything is tailored for this sport.

Download Shadow Boxing Workout here

  • Many different exercises that you can customize
  • Free round timer comes with the app
  • Compatible with a punching bag
  • Made for boxing
  • Not many tutorial videos
Screenshots of Shadow Boxing Workout
Boxing app Boxx

This app is a great home training solution if you want to improve your fitness. It includes some boxing exercises, however it's clearly more aimed at the boxercise crowd than actual boxers.

Download Boxx here

  • Good looking app
  • Various fitness exercises (including Yoga & more)
  • High quality videos
  • Boxing exercises not very technical
  • Focused on fitness and not boxing
Screenshots of Boxx
Boxing app Mayweather Boxing

This app relies a lot on the image of Floyd Mayweather, but it is filled with relevant exercises and workout. However you are paying a premium for the name and the app can remain surface level at times.

Download Mayweather Boxing here

  • Great visuals, the app looks great
  • The expertise of Floyd Mayweather
  • Not cheap at all
  • Could be more technical
Screenshots of Mayweather Boxing