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Top 5 Reasons to Practice Boxing With an App

Boxing is quite trendy right now, so many people are picking up the sport and start training. Some of those people are using apps to practice at home or even to learn how to box, so why is that?

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No boxing gyms nearby

In a lot of places you will just not find any gym, and not many people feel like doing long comutes just to work out. If that’s the case you’ll be left with no other options than training at home or giving up on your plan of boxing. Training with an app is then a great way to stay motivated.

Bad experience with the local gym

Most gyms are great, with experienced coaches, friendly boxers and many things to learn. However some places can be toxic, with people fighting hard with beginners or trainers that do not really care. If that’s the case, it’s not motivating to keep going there and training with an app becomes less stressful.

A gym can get expensive

This of course depends on where you live, but boxing gyms memberships can go up to a few hundred dollars, even more, which can be a lot. Apps are always cheaper than this and even provide free options.

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Getting back in shape before going to the boxing gym

It’s never plesant to be out of shape in a boxing gym. Taking some time to increase your stamina and improve a bit your technique with a mobile app can’t be bad if you feel the need to boost your confidence.

Staying motivated

It’s tricky to stay focused on your training through the years, and apps usually provide a form of progress tracking. This makes people more motivated to keep going and not give up.

What app to chose?

There are many options out there, if you want to discover our selection you can check out this list of the best 5 boxing apps of 2022.