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Learning to box with an app

Boxing is one of the biggest combat sport, and there are many ways to get into it, including with a mobile app on your iOS or Android phone!

Of course if you want to be the next Floyd Mayweather, you’ll probably have to get into a gym and have more than one sparring session, but if you’re just getting started or are looking to see if this sport is for you, using an app could be a good idea.

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Why start boxing with an app

While training at home is not perfect, and nothing will be better than having a great coach and boxing gym, there are still great reasons to use an app.

  • No boxing gyms in your area. In many places there are just no proper gyms, so you don’t really have an option. Most people won’t have the time to comute far to get a boxing workout in, and it’s hard to get motivated on your own.
  • Boxing gyms can be expensive. Depending on your region, a boxing gym membership can be a few hundred dollars, which can be a lot for some people. Apps are usually cheaper and offer free options.
  • Wanting to get back in shape before going to the gym. It’s not fun to be completely out of shape and feeling bad surrounded by more experienced people. Taking a couple of months to increase your stamina and build the relevant muscles could be a great way to build confidence!
  • Stay motivated. It’s hard to stay committed to your boxing training on your own. Apps usually provide some kind of progress tracking, making you more accountable, and therefore helping you staying motivated and focused.

What app to pick to learn boxing?

There are many apps to pick, and if you want to get a detailed review of a few ones we recommend you take a look at this Top 5 Best Boxing Apps of 2022. Howeve if you were to only pick one, the Shadow Boxing App is a great choice.

App that calls out punches

The Shadow Boxing App numbers the basics punches and calls the out and you just have to follow the instructions. It goes as follow:

  • 1 for jab
  • 2 for cross
  • 3 for left hook
  • 4 for right hook
  • 5 for left uppercut
  • 6 for right uppercut

So if the app calls out “1-2”, you just need to throw a jab and then a cross. If you don’t know what any of these punches are, there are also explanations inside the app.

Custom boxing training app

Free workouts

The app provides free trainings and workouts that will be different every time you use them. This means that even without paying you’ll get value out of it… and then if you decide to commit even further you can decide to take one of the premium plans.

Track your progress

It’s hard to stay motivated at home, so seeing your past workouts and comitting to not breaking a string of consecutive trainings is a great solution to stay focused on your goals. The app provides a progress section that will keep track of all your trainings so you’ll be able to reflect on what you accomplished.

Track your boxing journey with this boxing app

Large Community & Great Reviews

Many boxers, beginners or more experienced, are using the app successfuly. To be convinced, you can take a look at the reviews on the app store or on this site.

People using an app for boxing

Many different trainings

To keep it fresh, the app offers many different boxing trainings. You’ll start with the basics, like these ones:

  • VIRTUAL PAD WORK: Simple combos to execute when called as well as some freestyle
  • FUNDAMENTALS: Simple shadow boxing session with combos, defense and more
  • SIMPLE COMBOS: Train with simple combos getting progressively more difficult

…but later on you could use one of the more advanced:

  • 30 MINUTES HIIT: Alternate explosive exercises with short dynamic resting periods
  • DODGE: Focus on reaction speed. It’s simple, just don’t get hit!
  • ALL ABOUT MOVEMENT: Let’s get those legs to work with dodges, jump rope and more.
Boxing with an app following many different workouts

Works with a punching bag

If you decide to go ahead and buy a punching bag, the app will help you train with it too! It has workouts specific to bag work, and of course all the other trainings are very relevant on a bag as well.

iOS app for punching bag

Customizable boxing workouts

Once you’ll know a bit more what you like and don’t like, you’ll be able to use the custom workouts and define exactly what you want to focus on.

Custom boxing training app

Get the app

If this sounds like something for you, try out the app for free today!

Joining a Gym

Working out with an app is a great way to practice boxing, but if you have the possibility, also give joining a gym a try. The one thing that an app will never be able to provide is the experience of actually sparring with another person!

Pick from many workouts

from HIIT to freestyle

Pick from various boxing workouts

Follow audio cues

just like doing virtual pad work

Virtual padwork app calling out punches

Entirely customizable

set the exercises, the intensity...

Customize your boxing workouts with this app