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Learn how to throw a jab

The jab is the most basic technique in boxing. It is crucial to learn as you will use it all the time on its own or to start combinations. It’s also very useful to find out range or keep an opponnent at a distance.

Once you’ll have mastered the jab, you’ll be able to use it as a solid starting point for all your basic boxing combinations.

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Getting in your stance

To start off, get in your fighting stance, one foot forward, hands up to your chin. If you are right handed, put your left foot forward. If you are left handed, put your right foot forward.

You should keep your shoulders and arms nice and relaxed. If you tense up, you’ll be less effective and will risk an injury.


First extend your forward fist toward your oponent’s face. While you do so, rotate your arm. This means your shoulder, elbow and wrist so that at the end of the punch your palm is facing downward. While punching, your shoulder movement will help cover your face and bring more power to your technique.

Once you have extanded your arm, bring it back quickly to get back to your guard.

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Box with an app

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