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Finding a free boxing workout app

You want to start boxing with a mobile app on iOS or Android but don’t feel like spending money just yet. This is completely understandable, and this article will give you options.

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Just use a timer

The default timer app

Your phone has a timer app… set it to 3 minutes and start shadow boxing! While it’s not made for boxing, it’s perfectly suitable to give you a bit of structure in your training and you can do series of 3 minutes rounds with 1 minute break.

Free boxing timer apps

If the default timer is not enough, then you can try the many boxing timers out there, most of them offering a free option. For instance the Shadow Boxing App provides a free timer if you are on iOS, it is very simple but does the job well.

Free boxing timer

To see more options, like tabata timers and so on, look our article about the top boxing round timers on iOS!

Apps made for boxing

It’s hard to find a proper boxing app that is also not too expensive. For instance FightCamp is great but requires an expensive subscription and hardware to really make the best of it, and other fitness apps are not really made for boxing.

The good news is that the Shadow Boxing App provides multiple free workouts without any need to start a trial period and without any limitations. All the workouts are generated on the fly, so you’ll never get the exact same one twice in a row.

Custom boxing training app

There is a premium option, but really many boxers just use the free version and are happy with it. It only limits you if you really want to customize the experience or want to try out new modes and exercices.