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Learn Boxing with an App

Learning boxing is a journey that anyone can take and succeed at with enough time and dedication. You can learn at the gym or at home with a mobile app, with a heavy bag, a jump rope or nothing at all there is nothing stopping you from giving this great sport a go!

Reasons to use an app to complement your boxing training

You already started practicing boxing, but you want to progress even faster... keep reading!

Learning to box with an app

Is it possible to learn how to box from home, purely with a mobile app on iOS or Android?

Best gloves to get for shadow boxing

Discover our selection of boxing gloves to train at home and prepare for sparring.

Best wraps to protect yourself when boxing

Protecting your wrist, fingers and hand is key when punching a bag or an opponent in the face. Here is a comprehensible selection of wraps for your boxing training and workouts.

Top 3 Basic boxing combinations

Putting all the basic punches in one of the most important element of the noble art. In this article we'll explore the simplest yet most effective combinations of these punches.

Learn how to throw a jab

The jab is the most basic technique in boxing. It is crucial to learn as you will use it all the time on its own or to start combinations. It's also very useful to find out range or keep an opponnent at a distance.