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Reasons to use an app to complement your boxing training

You already started practicing boxing, but you want to progress even faster. There are multiple reasons why a mobile app on iOS or Android could be right for you even if you are not a complete beginner!

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Only so much days available at the gym

Some boxing gyms only offer trainings a couple of times a week and that’s it! What if you want to train every day? In this case having a mobile app that calls out punches and gives you a full workout can be a great way to stay focused even at home. The Shadow Boxing App is the perfect virtual coach for this and will help you keep your training going even when the gym is closed.

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More classes means more money

In some places you’ll pay by the day, so it means that more classes will cost you more… and that can become a problem for most people. The Shadow Boxing App provides a few fully free workouts, as well as a completely free timer, so you can get a good workout in for free. In case you like it a lot, you can purchase the premium plan that is a fraction of other apps like Freelytics.

Track your progress

The Shadow Boxing App allows you to track your progress, even at the gym. Store all your trainings and see if you are keeping a streak going through the days!

Track your boxing journey with this boxing app

Try some other kinds of boxing workouts

At the gym you’ll get a lot of variety, but if you want to see even more approaches to training, the Shadow Boxing App and other boxing apps are great to discover alternatives.

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Build a personalized workout

Unless you are paying for a personnal coach, you’ll follow the same training as a group. This is fine, but there are days where you’ll want to practice something specific. In this situation, using the Shadow Boxing App’s custom workouts is the perfect solution. You can just customize everything - timing, exercises, combos - and get exactly what you were looking for.

Custom boxing training app

Get the app

If this sounds interesting, try out the app for free today!