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Best wraps to protect yourself when boxing

If you’re hitting anything, you’re better have some kind of wrist and joint support. Often underestimated, wraps is a must have if you’re starting to hit the bag. They also are a convenient way to absorb sweat so that you don’t destroy your gloves after a few intense workouts.

Everlast 180 inches Wraps

Everlast 180 inches for shadow boxing

Long wraps means more support, so we highly recommend getting something above 150 inches. These Everlast pro wraps are good quality even if a bit more expensive.
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Ring side 180 inches Wraps

Ring side 180 inches for shadow boxing

You might like this cheaper, slightly more flexible alternative that has more color available.
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Venum side 100 inches Wraps

Venum side 100 inches for shadow boxing

If you want a cheap solution that still provide some support, this one is for you.
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