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Best gloves to get for shadow boxing

Obviously if you’re only shadow boxing, you do not need a pair of gloves. However, this is best that you train as you’ll fight, so having gloves even for shadow can be a good idea. It’ll also add weight and make it harder to keep your guard up… and getting used to having one’s guard up when tired is very important.

Fairtex Gloves

Fairtex for shadow boxing

On the pricier side, but you get Fairtex quality, leather gloves and ergonomic fit.
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Everlast Gloves

Everlast for shadow boxing

This brand has cheaper options and behave better than a lot of cheap gloves, like the ones made by Adidas that should be avoided.
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Venum Gloves

Venum for shadow boxing

This is not leather but the material has decent resistance, the price is reasonable and Venum provides alternative designs if you're into it.
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