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Why use a punching bag for boxing

Since we’ve just added a new punching bag mode to the Shadow Boxing iOS app, it felt like the right time to talk about this great piece of equipment.

The heavy bag is an inseparable part of boxing training for its immense benefits to the boxer’s toolset. Even since it was first invented in 1872 the punching bag has been an essential part of every boxer’s preparation. Even with all the advancement of technology and training methods, the tried and tested piece of equipment still takes up a central place in every boxing gym. And there is a good reason for that.

Heavy bag training builds strength, power, and endurance while doing the sport-specific techniques and there is no substitute for that.

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Improves technique

This one is pretty obvious. Throwing thousands of hooks, straights, and uppercuts at the bag will inevitably improve your proficiency with them. Shadow boxing is extremely useful to hone your technique, but the heavy bag provides more realistic resistance to your punches and you feel the impact of the strikes - even with simple repetitions and combos.

If you use it correctly, you can drill your technique from the different ranges you will find yourself in a fight.

Builds strength and power

In the beginning, the purpose of the heavy bag was to enable boxers to punch something as hard as they can without getting their hands injured and thus develop punching power. Pad work and partner drills may be better for improving technique, but nothing comes close to efficiency for building power as the heavy bag. On the heavy bag, you can practice throwing your punches with the maximum force you can.

This iOS app provides punching bag exercises. Follow the app's instructions as it calls out punches and give it your all!

Develops endurance and durability

Boxing is rarely a sprint and endurance is often the most important factor when the skill of both boxers is the same. Heavy bag training is high intensity and if you do with the proper effort it will drain down every last drop of sweat out of you. Every time you push through your limit, your overall endurance will increase.

Bag training also allows mimicking the tempo of a fight and the intervals of high and low intensity you will likely do in the ring, preparing you in the best way.

Last but not least the impact of the punches on the bag will inevitably condition your hands, wrist, elbows, and shoulders for the task of hitting over many rounds.

Train on the heavy bag with an app

If you’re not sure where to start improving your technique and fitness with a punching bag, you can look up the multiple tutorials on Youtube, but you can also give the shadow boxing app a try. It will call out punches and exercises for you to execute and is a great way to stay focused and motivated.

You can start with free exercises today and see if you like it!

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