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Punching bag benefits for boxing, fitness and more

Many a times, fighters want to train their punching skills, but have no one to train against. Even if there are people around, punching them could have serious repercussions! So punching bags are considered valuable, if a fighter wants to train in solitude at home or at the gym.

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A punching bag is a sturdy bag designed for the purpose of being punched consistently. It is usually cylindrical, and filled with different grains varying by hardness.

You can find clips of famous boxers such as Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua, Manny Pacquiao, and more, using their devastating boxing techniques on punching bags. The general perception is that it has been used for more than a century to improve punching. However, its use has much more scope than that. We will be looking at uses of one of the types of it, the heavy bag.


Removes Stress

Punching the bag channels negative energy into catharsis. It is a physically exhausting and aggressive exercise, so total concentration is required to strike out the bag and this has great benefit for the boxer’s mind, just like shadow boxing.

Also, it cleanses the toxins out of the system before the immune system is under risk. Endorphins are released which elevate the mood and help counteract the feeling of depression and aches, felt after exercising.

Confidence Building

Boxers tend to be more confident as they have the knowledge that can be used to, defend themselves in potentially harmful situations or attack anyone that tries to bully them. Heavy bag workouts develop boxing techniques which they can use to respond when it is needed, in boxing or in the real world.

Download this boxing app for iOS to help you train on the punching bag. It will give you techniques to executes during exercises made for the punching bag.


Fat Loss

Boxers don’t only burn a large number of calories while training aerobically, but continue burning fat even after finishing training due to the challenging intensity of the exercise. Consequently, the bag’s exercises improve the overall lean muscle mass and reduce the chances of getting heart diseases.

Muscle Building

Throwing punches involves arms and feet, both. So, while punching the bag around with added resistance from the bag repeatedly, boxers build some solid muscle with it too. Boxing requires the combination of cardiovascular exercise and movements that exercise the abdominal muscles. While throwing punches, the abdominal area is working all the time, with every turn, and is also connected with leg activity. This is effective in building core-strength and abs.

Cardio Improvement

The rhythmic movement, for defense and offense coupled with the added task of punching a 100 lbs. bag, turns the aerobic exercise to anaerobic. Kneeing and kickboxing improve the body’s cardiovascular function. A boxer’s vascularization of muscles and heart is enhanced, which combats high blood pressure.

The explosive nature of exercising with a heavy bag has the lungs reach their peak condition, making them healthier. They have better oxygen circulation in the body, so their heart and lungs function better. All of this leads to increased stamina and endurance.

A lot of boxers will also workout using HIIT boxing workouts which helps tremendously with building up your cardio.

Refining Skills


Just like pad work, bags help develop timing, which is critical for every successful boxer. All the of a boxer’s attributes are all useless without good timing.


A punching bag allows boxers to practice their form and combinations, whilst also getting used to making contact. The bag is the benchmark boxing training aid and one can tell a lot about a fighter from how they use the bag, so it is a good diagnostic tool.

The beginner learns to punch properly on these bags. The fluidity of the punches, and essential body movement increases with practice. This, then helps in keeping everything tight while remaining relaxed, but poised to react. The form can be practiced without worrying about the quality of contact made.

The rookies also discover how to coordinate the movement of their feet with the intensity of their attack. Just as importantly, boxers also learn how to protect their body against injuries.

Start training with a punching bag mobile app

If you have a punching bag and would like a companion app to help you focus during training, you can give Shadow Boxing Workout a try or look at our list of the best apps to train with a heavy bag.

This app will give you exercises to practice on the heavy bag. For instance it can call out punches, give you freestyle guidance and more. An exercise available is alternating fast 1-2s for 30 seconds with strong punches for 30 seconds, which is just great on a bag.

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