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The importance of Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is generally known as a warm-up exercise but it is a lot more than that. There are immense benefits of shadow boxing which do not only keep you fit but it makes your technique better. The art of shadow boxing cannot be overlooked as it comes with a lot of secret benefits, so let’s talk about some of these known benefits.

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Helps in maintaining balance

Maintaining your balance in the ring is one of the most integral parts of a fight. When you miss a punch, you can lose your balance, and your opponent can take advantage of it by landing heavy leather and put you to sleep on the canvas. 

Shadow boxing helps you a lot in gaining balance by practicing with and without weights. You can make your striking better, and excel in your footwork which will helps you a lot in maintaining your balance. 

Improve your technique

Shadow boxing helps you when you are out of form. A fighter is asked to go to basics when he finds himself out of form so when you get out of form; you start working on your technique. You can work on jabs, punches, uppercuts and when you work on certain things, again and again, it becomes your habit, and your moves start looking natural. 

Shadow boxing has a blessing; it is done without any pressure, and one can freely free one’s arms and make punches, dodges, and many other things better.

Muscle Memory

No one can perform critical tasks with ease unless one has a strong muscle memory. You cannot get perfection in your moves until you practice them again and again.

A shadow boxing workout is the best way to develop muscle memory as it allows you to repeat a task over and over again, once the muscle memory is developed; you can unleash your moves in the ring while charging at your opponent. You can develop your skills, and move freely in the ring. 

If you use a shadow boxing app on your phone, you can follow along the various exercises and react when the app calls for a specific punch, making it second nature in the long run. This is pretty much like doing pad work with a boxing coach.

With this boxing workout app, be more focused in your training. The app will call out punches and give you guidance while you box.

Develops the form

You cannot build your form while competing in the ring. You have to work on your form before getting into the ring, and a Shadowboxing workout gives you a gift of learning and building your form. You become a great boxer when you direct the fight in your way; and once you learn the art of directing a fight, you become a tough guy to deal with.

Keeps you fit

A shadow boxing workout is a great way to burn calories. You can burn calories with jogging as well but a shadow boxing workout is a lot better as it can burn 400 calories in an hour without any risk of getting injured. This is especially important nowadays during lockdown.

A boxer or even a layman who does shadow boxing workout can quickly lose fat and maintain the body shape.

Shadow Boxing Workouts

Hence, a shadow boxing workout beneficially helps you as it is not only a warm-up exercise. It can make you fitter, stronger, helps you to regain your form, makes your technique better, and a lot more. 

If you want to try shadow boxing, you can start with a shadow boxing app like the one we are building. You can start for free and discover all the exercises available. You can also start with just a simple boxing timer app and do your own thing.

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