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New Features in the Shadow Boxing App

The Shadow Boxing App constantly releases new features, from new exercises to new training routines, you'll find news here!

Learning complex boxing combos with an app

In this new version we've added a new exercise that will help you learn new combos more easily.

New boxing exercices: single punches & flurry of punches

In this new version of our boxing iOS app, you will be able to practice your explosiveness with two new exercices and one new workout

Boxing combos that flow well

Examples of combos that just feel right and how they are included in the new version of the app.

New Boxing+Cardio Workout

In this new version of the app get ready to discover 10 new drills that are both great for cardio and very relevant to boxing.

New app feature: save your custom workouts

Brand new feature allowing you to finally save and replay your customly built boxing workouts.

Practice your counters with our boxing app

If you have an iOS device and want to improve your reaction speed and muscle memory for boxing, this new exercise might interest you.

Boxing footwork with a mobile app

Let's take a deeper look at the recently released footwork feature of our iOS boxing app.

Create your combos and boxing exercises

In this new iOS release we've added a way for you to create your custom pad work exercises. Set up combos and drills fitting exactly your goals and level and get started!

New boxing footwork mode

Being able to move quickly is key to not getting punched in the face. Footwork is the fundation on which you can build combos, create angles and more... so we are happy to release this new app version where we include various movement exercises!

New punching bag exercise and more!

In the latest version of the app, we added a new workout with on the heavy bag. There is also a brand new mode to quickly try the app.

Dodge mode and other new features

Discover what's new in this new version of the app. Spoiler: it's a new exercise focused on movement and a simple way to create your own boxing workout at home.