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Dodge mode and other new features

This week in version 1.14 of the Shadow Boxing app, we built a new exercice and gave you a simple way to create your own boxing workout. As some more countries enter into lockdown again, it’s important to stay active so we hope that this update will make you want to train!

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Dodge Exercise

We’ve added a new dodge mode focusing on reaction speed, slipping and ducking as this is just as important as the jab! The app will also try to trick you by mixing up the rythm so you don’t become a robot and always keep the same pace.

Boxing dodge app for ios

However even if the focus is on movement, you will also be countering with simple punches, like jabs or crosses. Sometime the best defense is attack, what can I say!

Boxing workout: counters

So overall let’s just say that you won’t throw a lot of punches but you will move around a lot!

Build your boxing training at home

We’ve also added a new way to create a workout available in the Quick Start menu, this way you can customize a few things quickly without getting into all the details of a training. Some of the exercises are only for premium users, but there are still the classics like pad work, freestyle and others!

Boxing dodge app for ios

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