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Learning complex boxing combos with an app

We’re always updating our boxing app with new features, workouts and exercises so that it never gets stale. In the latest version we’ve added a few interesting new things that we’d like to highlight.

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New boxing exercises

  • DECOMPOSING COMBOS: Learn new complex combos step by step. This is both fun and helpful, since it can be hard to get into a new combo that includes varying levels, defensive movements and more. The app will break it down for you in a way that is easy to follow and memorize. After a few times doing the exercice, you’ll be able to add a new combination to your arsenal!
  • HIT AND GET OUT: Combos including a way to exit after punching to build good reflexes. Boxing is all about hitting and not getting hit, so having the instinct to get out of danger after a combo is key.

New boxing workouts

Thanks to the new exercices, we’ve built a few new complete workouts that can range for a few minutes to a complete workout session.

  • IMPROVE YOUR COMBOS: Practice a few easy combos and learn more complex ones.
  • SIMPLE DEFENSE: Simple combos with defensive movements to build up muscle memory

New boxing app feature

This feature doesn’t have many new features, mostly content, but we are always adding small things, tweaking what’s already there and fixing bugs.

  • Combos can now include more defensive movements, like stepping back.

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