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New boxing exercices: single punches & flurry of punches

We’re always updating the app with new features, workouts and exercises as it is very important to keep it fresh. We’re also constantly adjusting the existing workouts based on your feedback. Here are the main changes in this version!

Boxing blog article

New Boxing Exercises

  • FLURRY OF PUNCHES: Focus on movement and suddenly unleash a flurry of punches for a moment
  • LIGHT FREESTYLE: Get your energy back while doing light shadow boxing
  • SINGLE PUNCHES: Throw a quick punch followed by a defensive movement.

New Boxing Workout

  • RHYTHM: Work on your rhythm with simple combos, single punches and defenses.

New Boxing App Feature

  • It is now possible to add pivots to your custom workouts!

Pick from many workouts

from HIIT to freestyle

Pick from various boxing workouts

Follow audio cues

just like doing virtual pad work

Virtual padwork app calling out punches

Entirely customizable

set the exercises, the intensity...

Customize your boxing workouts with this app