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Boxing Fundamentals

Boxing is a simple sport to understand but incredibly deep if you want to master it. There are many ways to improve, some more effective than others. So where should you start? How to use shadow boxing at home to improve your technique and effectiveness?

The Importance of Heavy Bag Training

Training on the heavy bag is a key part of a boxer's routine and has many benefits... and practicing with an app makes it way more engaging and fun.

10 Benefits of Boxing Training You May Not Know About

Boxing is a great way to get in shape and improve your fitness. Here are ten benefits of boxing training that you may not know about.

Boxing Training: The Ultimate HIIT Workout

Get in shape with boxing training. This article discusses the benefits of boxing and provides a sample routine to help you get started.

The Many Benefits of HIIT Training for Boxing

Are you looking for a challenging HIIT workout routine to improve your explosiveness in boxing? This guide will show you how to do HIIT training and provides a sample workout routine to get you started.

Most anticipated boxing matches of 2022

2022 is going to be a great year for boxing viewers, so here is our list of the most anticipated fights for the year!

Start boxing in 2022

Starting to box is always a great idea as it's the perfect way to get in shape while having fun... so why not make boxing your 2022 new year resolution?

Top 3 best boxing matches of 2021

2021 has been an excellent year for big fights, with top fighters across the political divides squaring off against one another. Here are three of the most prominent clashes of the year.

Burpees for boxing training

No one like doing burpees, but they sure are effective and you should consider adding them to your shadow boxing exercises!

Why boxing should be your 2021 resolution

Starting to box is one of the best ways of shifting weight and getting in to shape, no matter what the time of year. As you look to trim off any gained weight, let boxing be your New Year’s resolution.

Counters in Boxing

Counter punching is an important skillset, perfected by some of the greatest fighters of all time. Let's get into what makes this strategy effective!

The importance of footwork for shadow boxing

Good footwork is key for balance and power, and boxers who master this are more successful than others. In this article we'll learn more about this.

Jump rope training in boxing

When it comes to fitness training, there are few better ways to get in shape than with an intense boxing workout. Hill runs, sweat-inducing pad workouts, heavy sparring sessions and speed ball work can all help a boxer keep in shape. But for balance and workout purposes the jump rope is an excellent tool in itself.

Building muscle memory for boxing with pad work

During the boxing training sessions, we see how a coach is calling a fighter to land different punches while positioning his mitts at different angles. These sessions are held to simulate a fight by replicating real scenarios.

The importance of Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is generally known as a warm-up exercise but it is a lot more than that. There are immense benefits of shadow boxing which do not only keep you fit but it makes your technique better. The art of shadow boxing cannot be overlooked as it comes with a lot of secret benefits, so let’s talk about some of these known benefits.

Boxing training during lockdown

Lockdown has affected many activities that people often took for granted, especially fitness and exercise. No sport has been exempted from the impacts, including boxing. Staying focused and motivated is key, so let's talk about this.