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Why boxing should be your 2021 resolution

Now that the holidays are over, many of us are counting the cost of a period of overindulgence. While in essence there is nothing wrong with a little excess, the extra pounds add up and you may be feeling sluggish and unfit.

Starting to box is one of the best ways of shifting weight and getting in to shape, no matter what the time of year. As you look to trim off any gained weight, let boxing be your New Year’s resolution.

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Boxing provides the perfect exercise routines for speeding up the metabolism and aiding fat loss. A well-planned boxing regime provides an aerobic workout that gets all the muscle groups moving and, most importantly, the heart beating. Ideal for pushing past those post-Christmas blues.

Not only does it assist with stamina and endurance, but it can lift your mood - something extremely useful at present. The stress-reducing impact of punching a bag, pads or body belt is always a bonus. Shadow boxing helps with posture and balance, as does skipping.

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Starting to box at any level is a good decision. At the moment, the mental and physical advantages make it an especially good time to make in this sport. You can do it using a punching bag or just practice shadow boxing!

If you’re not sure how to stay motivated and focused on your training, a good option is to use an app. To pick the one that’ll work the best for you, you can take a look at this selection of the 5 best boxing apps for 2021 and see what fits you the most.

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