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Jump rope training in boxing

When it comes to fitness training, there are few better ways to get in shape than with an intense boxing workout. Hill runs, sweat-inducing pad workouts, heavy sparring sessions and speed ball work can all help a boxer keep in shape. But for balance and workout purposes the jump rope is an excellent tool in itself.

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Impressive displays of jump rope skills

If skipping with a jump rope is good enough for some of the top boxers in the sport then it’s good enough for the general fitness enthusiast and pro boxer alike. Generational icon Floyd Mayweather Jr included an epic jump rope routine as part of his legendary workout sessions.

Former Olympian and world champion Brian Viloria was a master of the skipping routines; leaving journalists, photographers and ringside observers mesmerised by his frenetic pace and mind-blowing moves.

Jumping rope is a great workout for boxing

Jumping rope, even for a few minutes each day, offers cardiovascular advantages by getting the heart pumping. It burns calories and engages a variety of muscles. It’s cost effective too, as the only major outlay is the rope itself. It can be done in an area with just enough space to swing the rope, like a back yard, garage or in a safe open space.

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The shoulders, arms and legs all benefit from a jump rope exercise. Boxers use it for flexibility of movement and improving coordination and rhythm. Like any exercise session, maintaining good technique is important to maximise efficiency and avoid injury. Getting the legs tangled in the rope can occur at any time, no matter how experienced you are.

Getting started with jump rope


Keeping a simple, natural rhythm is a good starting point, with nothing too strenuous. Once you become proficient at skipping then alternating the rope, jumping up at the knees and crossing the rope around the body can be learned skills, but ones that take hours of practice and a solid base of core fitness.

Many boxers jump rope in line with the traditional boxing match rules of three minutes of action, paused by a one minute rest period, over a hypothetical 12 rounds. Getting into a nice relaxed rhythm is a good starting point. Incorporating a shuffle will not only help tone leg muscles but also improve footwork which is a key tenet of any top boxer.

Jumping rope with an app

In order to get started, you can start watching youtube videos on the topic or download an app. There are a lot available out there, as you can see in this top jumprope apps for iOS list, but if you want to integrate jump rope into your boxing workout I can recommend the Shadow Boxing App we’re building. Not only it will give you jump rope exercises, but you’ll also be able to train with virtual pad work or guided freestyle shadow boxing.

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