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Top jumprope apps for boxing in 2020

Doing some jump rope is the perfect exercise for any boxer as explained in this article. It raises the heart rate quickly and is a great cardio workout.

Today we are looking at a few of the apps that can provide you with jump rope exercises to add to your boxing training.

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Boxing app Crossrope

While this is not exactly a boxing app, this is the best jump rope app out there. It gives a lot of different exercises that will complement perfectly your boxing training.

Download Crossrope here

  • Lots of different trainings
  • Beautiful and simple design
  • Nice videos to accompany you during training
  • Not focused on boxing
Screenshots of Crossrope
Boxing app Shadow Boxing Workout

This app has a lot of various boxing exercises, and one of them is jump rope. It integrates perfectly with the other ones, and this way you can alternate between skipping rope and throwing hard punches.

Download Shadow Boxing Workout here

  • Integrates jumping rope with boxing exercises
  • Simple and effective
  • Could use more varied jump rope exercises
Screenshots of Shadow Boxing Workout
Boxing app Jump rope workout

Interesting take on the jump rope exercises with an app that counts your jumps. It doesn't always work perfectly, and the design is a bit outdated but it's worth checking

Download Jump rope workout here

  • Counts jumps
  • Design a bit outdated
  • Intrusive ads
  • Not focused on boxing
Screenshots of Jump rope workout
Boxing app Nike Training Club

This app by Nike is not focused on boxing but provides many exercises, including jump rope to improve your body, which helps with your fighting.

Download Nike Training Club here

  • Many in depth workouts
  • Works for people of all levels
  • Various content, including some about nutrition
  • No real boxing exercises
Screenshots of Nike Training Club